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Vitalis Marine Grazer Mini 110g

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Vitalis (Formally New Era) Marine Grazer Mini 110g is a unique feeding system for all marine grazing species, with its unique suction fixing generating natural feeding behaviour and giving the home aquarist enhanced viewing of their fish grazing.

Suitable for all tropical marine grazing species including:

Tangs, Surgeonfish, Rabbitfish, Butterflyfish, All Marine Angelfish.

Features & Benefits:

  • Generates natural feeding behaviour
  • Less waste - Improved water quality
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Provides a feeding station for all grazing species

Analytical Constituents:

  • Protein 33%
  • Moisture 20%
  • Inorganic Matter 15.4%
  • Fat Contents 9%
  • Fibre 1%


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