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Vitalis Algae Flakes 15g - 30g

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Vitalis Algae Flakes (formally known as Newera Algae Flakes) combine all of their aquatic expertise in one tasty flaked food.

A blend of algae proteins is ideal for herbivorous fish, and will promote good health from the inside out. Perfect for bottom feeders and fish with a more delicate disposition, these tasty flakes will make sure that your fish have the perfect diet.

With added carotenoid pigments to boost colours, this food will benefit beautifully coloured fish such as Angel and Clown fish.

Because the flakes are easily digested, there is little waste, keeping your fish well fed and your tank cleaner for longer.

Remember to only feed as much as your fish will eat, and to remove any excess after a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • Large flakes
  • Formula perfect for bottom dwellers
  • Boosts colours and overall vitality
  • Low waste formula
  • Natural, sustainable ingredients

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