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aquarium pond clear water treatment


ReeFlowers Aquaclear 85 ml - 500 ml - 1000 ml

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Clear water treatment 
  • Water clarifier and purifier
  • Prevents algae

Small particles that swim freely in the water column cause turbidity. Reeflowers AquaClear gathers these small particles together. AquaClear causes the small particles to take flake form making them more easily removed via filtering equipment.

Aqua Clear also cleans the water from harmful substances and prevents algae formation.

This product can be used in freshwater and salwater aquariums and will not adjust the pH level of the water.

The recommended dosage is 5ml of AquaClear per 100 litres of aquarium water. This should be added in a moderate to high flow region in the aquarium. Wait at least 3 days before next usage. The recommended amount should not be exceeded. 


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