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Qium Cyano Control 150g - 300g - 500g

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We hate Cyanobacteria and are happy to bring you Quim Cyano Control!

Qium CyanoControl removes cyanobacteria fast and reliably without containing antibiotics or other harmful additions.

For best results ensure that filtering and skimming is provided sufficiently. Remove any residue of dissolved cyanobacteria. Control pH and NO3 (nitrate) parameters on a regular base. Do not overdose. Use of activated carbon would be of benefit.


Start with 1g of CyanoControl for each 100L of aquarium volume and increase the amount by 1g per day up to 5 g maximum (per 100L).

Mix the treatment with water from your aquarium rather then adding it directly to the aquarium. Use 500ml of aquarium water for each 100L of water being treated. Make sure CyanoControl is fully dissolved in the water. Pour the solution into a high flow area in the sump or if you have no sump then directly into a high flow are of your tank.

During the treatment the aquarium water can become cloudy. This is absolutely harmless. Please interrupt the treatment during this cloudiness and continue as soon as it has disappeared. During treatment corals can lose or change colour which is normal. In this case you can add trace elements or amino acids such as Red Sea Energy A&B.

Repeat the treatment on a daily basis until the cyano has totally disappeared.

Minimum treatment period should not be less than 14 days.

There are things you can do to help prevent this horrible slimy pest that can smother your aquarium. These include:

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