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Jebao DCT4000 (including controller)


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Controllable aquarium pump. Safe for fresh water and salt water fish tanks.


 JECOD DCT series Pumps - DCT4000/DCT6000/DCT8000/DCT12000/DCT15000

Jebao are changing their name from Jebao to JECOD - which stands for Jebao ECOlogical Design.
All new products from Jebao will have this branding.
This new enhanced range will replace the previous DC3000/6000/9000/12000

Key features:
• 10 Speed Controller
• Slight head increase over previous models
• Controller now incorporates electronic detection of error conditions and visual warnings.
• These pumps are designed to be ultra quiet for submerged pump applications.


  • Return pump for sump use
  • Reactor pump
  • Draining and filling aquariums
  • Mixing salt water
  • Powering filters
  • Water feature pump

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