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Innovative Marine

Innovative Marine NUVO Aquarium - Atoll Cylinder - Pre Order


NEW! Innovative Marine NUVO Aquarium - Atoll Cylinder - Pre Order 

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The first cylindrical all-in-one aquarium on the market that's suitable for a reef set up, but can still be used for fresh water too. The Atoll Cylinder is 18 inches in diameter and 11 inches high for a total volume of 45 litres.

This type of aquarium is a perfect fit for assembling collections of zoanthids, mushrooms and centre piece LPS corals. 

A great aquarium for anybody looking for something a bit different.

Included is a single 8 watt 350 litre per hour return pump which will supply flow through the built-in filtration and around the aquarium, a pedestal and a rubber levelling mat.

We are currently looking at mid to late July for the arrival of these aquariums, but expect them to sell out fast! So pre-order with us now to secure yours.


Lights are not included, but can be purchased separately at £99.99.

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