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Bubble Magus C66 Protein Skimmer

Bubble Magus

Bubble Magus C66 Protein Skimmer

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Bubble Magus C66 Protein Skimmer For Tanks Up To 1200l

The Bubble Magus C66 Protein Skimmer is designed for tanks of up to 1200 litres in volume. The diminutive size of the device is basic in design yet its dedicated 32 watt pump both draws water into the body of the component and chops up the incoming air and water into a frothy mixture.

Complete with a simple in-built silencer and bubble diffuser, the Bubble Magus C66 is recommended for aquariums OF 800 - 1200 litres The bubbles effortlessly propel the waste materials within the water up onto the surface of the reaction chamber. Dissolved contaminants and proteins are then removed from the water column where it is then contained within the collection cup.

Replenishes oxygen levels: The Bubble Magus C66 Protein Skimmer device not only takes the load of your biological filter within your tank but also replenishes oxygen levels within your aquarium via its generating of millions of air bubbles. The protein skimmer helps to maintain a healthy marine system – the simple most important factor when establishing a beautiful marine aquarium.

Actively removes waste: The Bubble Magus C66 Protein Skimmer removes waste products from plants, invertebrates and fish  as well as uneaten food and dead organisms.

Compact and stylish design: The Bubble Magus C66 system offers a simplistic yet classic design. It’s versatile sizing and sturdy construction delivers a professional look to all marine tanks, reinforced by a selection of the highest grade materials to promote reliability and accuracy.


Capacity 800lts to 1200lts

 Uses 2 x SP2000 pumps

Air Intake 1040lph

32w Power

Dimensions 410 x 225 x 545mm

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