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Aquatic Services - All

Fish Health Check

Fish are sensitive and can often contract internal and external infections, diseases and parasites. These need to be dealt with swiftly to prevent losses and further infection of tankmates. 

As we have experience in assessing and treating many species of fish - large and small; temperate and tropical; freshwater and marine, we offer to lend an expert eye to cast over your fish related worries. Your fish and setup will initially be visually assessed - some parasites are easily detemined by eye or by behavioral cues. This is followed by the relevant water chemistry analysis and then if deemed necessary, skin scrapes can be taken to more accurately determine potential parasites under the microscope.

This can be incorporated into one of our other services such as the 'Full Pond Spring Clean' or as part of the 'Holiday Service'. It can also be a stand alone service. It can cover Marine, Freshwater or a Pond system and dependent on the outcome of the assessment can also provide the necessary advice for treatment, and potentially the treatment itself, if needed.

Prices will be reflected within the parameters of each case and are dependent upon travel distance, if treatment is needed and quantities involved. 

Please contact us to book an appointment or to discuss any further details.

£ POA (£30.00 minimum call out charge)


Holiday Tank/Pond Care

This is designed to help you out if you are away from your aquarium, pond or aquaponics system for a period of time. We can arrange a schedule for any of the following for a given period of time.

  • Feeds
  • Fish health check
  • Water chemistry testing e.g. pH, sg, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Ca, KH etc.
  • Water changes
  • Equipment check and maintenance

Prices will be reflected within the parameters of each scenario and are dependent upon travel distance, services required and frequency.

Please contact us to book an appointment or to discuss any details. 

£ POA (£30.00 minimum call out charge per visit)


House Moves

This is designed to help you out during the stressful period that is a house move! We can offer our expertise in moving delicate and sensitive animals in a way that will reduce the likelihood of any damage to them or their aquarium. We have experience in moving freshwater and marine livestock, both tropical and temperate, along with many different shapes and sizes of aquariums.

Prices dependent on system size, quantity of livestock, travel distance, bags and boxes needed etc.

Please contact us to make an appointment or to discuss further details.

£ POA 


Pond Spring Clean

Over the winter months leaves and other detritus can find its way into our ponds. This can lead to poor water quality, fish health issues and a disappointing viewing experience.

This service will take up to a full day, dependent on the situation and amount of work that is needed. For ponds larger than 10,000 litres another day may be required. Due to our staffing level the maximum size we can reasonably deal with is 20,000 litres. It includes:

  • Water quality testing; pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate
  • Fish health check
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Water change including removal of waste
  • Tap water safe treatment
  • Addition of bacterial treatment to promote and sustain water quality

Power and water will be required for this service.

We are also more than happy to help replace goods or equipment and can potentially source replacement livestock.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss any details. 

Prices start at £150 per day




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