We are currently updating our website in preperation for adding our cultivated corals. Apologies for any abnormalities!
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The Build - Show room!

So as many of you may have recently seen in our pictures of 'The Build' on our Facebook page, we are currently in possession of one finished three tier system framework, one coral tank stand and one third of another system framework. Our main problem being that we actually ran out of wood from our first delivery! Due to some unforeseen circumstances there is a delay in any more wood arriving at the moment, so that aspect is briefly on hold. We have, however, received our first two orders of dry goods and as such they are now becoming available on the website as and when we upload their details. Currently on order and much more exciting are our tanks; hopefully they will be with us in the next few weeks but not before we have finished the stands to hold them all!

Further down the 'pipeline' (!) will be a good few days, or more, of plumbing and plenty more painting of course. Then the installation of our indoor pond (with aquaponics) will probably follow! All the while we shall be maturing some biolballs ready for one or more of our systems to be turned online.....and that is just some of the showroom plans...! Tune in next week to see how far along we are getting!
First a new coat of paint

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